Everything you need
to equip your dealership to sell
to the modern car buyer.

It's time to evolve the way you engage with your customers online.

A few years ago after working with hundreds of dealers, GM's, Sales Managers, and Internet Directors one question kept coming up.

"How do we handle these Internet customers that only want us to give them the best price."

Great training on appointment setting only worked for a while and required constant retraining at great expense... (read more)

Sales people would either be forced to give up price or refuse. Either way, the customer hung up or didn't respond back half the time; even when we gave them a price!

This was not a good model. It was confrontational from the very beginning. I knew there had to be a better way.

I thought about this for a long time. Then it occurred to me that the problem wasn't that the customers didn't want to buy cars from us. It wasn't that we didn't want to sell them our cars. The problem was that the dealership and the customers were being forced to use a broken process that had worked in the past, but was not at all working today for anybody. What made matters even worse was that the current process most dealers were using forced everyone to focus on price. Every great salesperson will tell you it's not about price.

So we reinvented the process and built incredible technology to support the process. Actually, we just modified the "road to the sale" ever so slightly and turned the focus away from price and to the customer experience--the digital experience, to be precise. At the same time we provided more information than the customer ever thought possible while shopping online for a vehicle.

Building and implementing the WideStorm E-commerce Selling System is one of our proudest achievements. This system makes customers happier and dealers more profitable. It was not an easy mission, but one that we managed to pull off. It's with great enthusiasm that we may share this with you and your organization.

- Jock Schowalter, President & CEO of DealerPeak

It’s time to
expand & grow
your Online Sales Approach.

Because the web is your new showroom
and we can show you how to master it.

"If you could pencil more deals to more customers, would you sell more cars?"

If you answered yes, pick up the phone and call us.

Because this is no longer enough. You need more.

Why do we provide a written
guarantee that this will work?

Because we know you're skeptical.

We've empirically proven that, today, buyers want to
conduct more of the purchase transaction online.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
In fact, dealers who know the secret will reap huge rewards.

Facts we have learned:

Gross Profit

There are virtually no differences between the gross profits from ESS leads and walk-in ups. All ask us about why our system increases average back end gross.

Conversion Ratio

Our E-Commerce Selling System will increase your website conversion ratio by 60% to 90% (you should buy it just for that).


OK...we will just tell you: of course back end is higher. You have just given your customer the best buying experience they have ever had.

Closing Percentage

Closing ratios from our E-Commerce Selling System are in the range of 15% to 25% (sometimes higher, but we don't want to overstate it).

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